Discover the secrets professional tomato growers use for growing bountiful, plump tomatoes…

Discover The Amazing Tomato Growing Secrets – Which You Can Use To Grow Beautiful Disease Free Tomatoes That Are More Colorful… Produce More Fruit… and Last Longer Throughout The Season – Even If You’ve Never Grown Tomatoes Before

- John Parker

If you’re a lover of tomatoes—prepare to have your life changed! In the next few minutes – I am going to show you how you can have the juiciest tomatoes, plump and ripe, just barely clinging to its sun-kissed vine. Be the talk of your neighborhood… even if you’re NOT green-fingered, and right now your tomatoes are riddled with disease, bugs and cankers and the leaves are turning yellow. And now you and your friends can be among the tiny handful of individuals who will savor and serve these astonishing tomatoes this growing season… but only if you reserve these techniques quickly.

Dear Friend,

In your adventurous journey towards a self-sufficient kitchen-garden you’ve probably gone through the arduous process of planting and caring for your tomatoes – only to lose your entire crop – time and time again. The lesson you’ve probably learnt is: home gardening is not that simple!

growing tomatoesIf you’re like most gardeners, you’re probably sick of researching the web and investigating countless websites, in an effort to find answers to your tomato growing problems and challenges. NOW… you’ve arrived at my website to learn how to grow healthy bountiful tomato plants and alleviate the common problems you’ve been struggling with… that’s probably very similar to the following short story:

Best of all, you can have the strategies to correct these problems… giving you succulent tasting tomatoes delivered right to your email inbox in time for the Growing Season! First, let me tell you how I got involved with this fabulous, tasty vegetable…

If you’re anything like I was, this story may sound strangely familiar.

You dig up a fresh patch of mud in your yard, plant some healthy seeds and dutifully water it. Every morning you anxiously scan your yard for that first glimpse of green.

After a couple of days, a frail stem pushes itself out of the ground. You’re thrilled – after all, your seeds are beginning to show life! A few days go by and your weak little stem gets weaker. Now you start to panic.

One Fine Day, It Happens.

The seedlings have finally given up on you and your patch looks like a big wasteland. At this point, you’re ready to call a spade a spade and throw your gloves in.

And like me you take one last chance. You want to understand why your tomatoes are behaving badly. You want to understand the techniques, tips and methods. You’re looking for methods of growing tomatoes whether upside down or in containers. You’re not quite sure if you’re using proper staking methods let alone fertilizers.

You want to do something about it. You’re badly in need of some guidance. I was guided by my grandmother who was a true blue gardening genius in her own right. And YOU, my dear friend, have turned to this website for a little help.

Congratulations! You’re making the RIGHT decision.

If the scenario above remotely at all describes you then you need to read every single word on this page. Because in a moment I’m going to reveal to you the easy yet effective “GOLDEN secrets” of growing perfect tomatoes. You’ll be surprised how easy these little tricks and tips will make your tomato plants thrive and your gardening fun! This information will soon be your online guide to growing tomatoes which most gardeners don’t know and will NEVER know!upside down tomatoes

You’re not alone in your passion for tomatoes! Tomatoes are the most grown fruits (yes, it’s a fruit, not a vegetable) in home gardens all over the world.

So, by overwhelming popular demand, I’m now offering you the chance to put these ultimate tips in your hand this growing season.

But first I’d like to quickly tell you who I am and why you should listen to me…

… First of all, starting off as an amateur gardener, I also learned: home gardening is not that simple…

8 years of working with tomatoes has taught me that growing tomatoes is a science – much like everything else these days. Do it properly and you get a bumper crop. Botch it up and you’ll see a few straggly plants and indifferent fruits.

As I said earlier the person who influenced my gardening more than any other was my grandmother. She lived in this little old town. She lent me the right books; she taught me what to do and how. Much of my gardening experience I owe to my loved grandmother-and those tips and techniques she shared.

THE RIGHT Tips and Techniques – because their influence came into life for me the amateur gardener at the critical period of my gardening experience, ambitions were awakened and skills honed which brought me through to gardening success. Without them I might have been content to continue purchasing my tomatoes at the super market. It was those tips and years of experience that showed me effective gardening and how to conquer its nuances.

She taught me little know facts that most don’t know… that your gardening would be much more successful if you knew the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes? When you mix these up your yields will plummet.

Some folks may be wondering what I’m talking about. If you are one of them, you have to understand that soil, temperature, storage and method mean a LOT to your little tomato seedlings. If you put the poor little seed in an inhospitable environment, it is going to feel unwelcome, and give up on you.

Now I don’t have a degree in Plant Pathology or claim to, but everyday I’m providing advice to professional tomato growers all over the world. Simple tips and techniques from years of experience and truly enjoying the love and nurturing that comes from gardening. And being the envy of the neighborhood, says a lot!!

Here are Just a Few of the Letters

Received from People and Gardeners Just Like You…

Or I guess you could ask, who else has had tomato growing success from just reading the information contained here?


“This guide is amazing! Growing tomatoes has always been a challenge for me. Until I read your guide. I was able to pick up a tone of techniques and tips. This year my crop consisted of tomatoes that were worthy of eating. To have someone offer their expertise in such a concise and informative way is a welcome change. I recommend your guide to anyone looking for some great insight on gardening.”

- Kathy Roland, Anchor Bay, California

“Thank You for a Great Product!”

“I harvested my first tomatoes this year. My tomato plants were setting blossoms by June. As I live in bit of an odd climate I was very happy with this! The plants I started in my backyard were a result of your great information. I really enjoyed using your tutorial and look forward to using it for years to come. Thank you for a great product!”

- Sarah Phillips, Barrie, Ontario

“Garden Ready Much Sooner Than Anticipated!”

“I really enjoyed your tips and techniques. The tomatoes taste as juicy and good as those grown in the garden in the middle of the summer! The conditions are so ideal after reading your information that everything is ready for the garden much sooner than I had anticipated! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I loved your guide!”

- Ted Fredericks, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Imagine, each and every day the feeling of growing rich abundant tomato plants… !

So based on my knowledge I decided that it was about time somebody shared some of the secrets and tips I learned over the years. I wrote down – in detail – everything you’ll want to know about growing, planting, watering, pruning, and when to plant tomatoes, but most pro gardeners won’t share.

I now have the good fortune to… share these secrets.

But I wouldn’t ask you to take my word on it alone. After all, you don’t know me at all…

That’s why I then went out and researched the topic in depth and interviewed 10 top gardeners from all walks of life asking them all the very same questions you probably have about what it takes to grow tomatoes and come out on the other side with a nice plump crop.

The result? As I suspected, each gardener agreed in spite of their immense popularity, tomatoes are difficult to grow IF you do not know the techniques. Special tips, when applied properly, but it’s really not difficult at all. Healthy bountiful tomato plants can be grown if you go about it the right way.

You see, Soil pH, nutrient problems, planting methods, pruning and tying are just some of the factors that affect the growth of your plants. Little wonder then that many seasoned gardeners have decided to give growing tomatoes a skip.

But, lets get back to those growing successes again, those and so many other “gems of knowledge” are crystallized here for you. It took me years of hard work and research to discover these for myself. I know how heartbreaking it is to see your plants die time and again. I want to share what I have learnt with you!

Here’s What a Once Amateur Gardener Can Teach You

About Growing Plump, Juicy Tomatoes…

I compiled all my knowledge, tips and techniques also what those gardeners shared with me into an easy to follow guide-book I call the, “Tomato Growing Handbook”… so finally this valuable information can be made available to the hobbyist, pro and amateur gardeners, of the world.

The tips and techniques in this book will DEFINITELY guide you to that bumper crop you have been dying to see.

Here is just a taste of what you’ll learn in the “Tomato Growing Handbook”

  • Step-by-step advice and tips on how to grow tomatoes you can use to start a garden of your very own!
  • Planting tomatoes… how to plant tomatoes properly, eager gardeners wanting to hurry the growth process often make the same mistakes. I’ll show you the bets ways to plant tomatoes and the ideal soils for raising tomatoes!
  • Discover the best soil conditions for raising tomatoes and getting your tiny plants to full growth!
  • Learn about growing tomatoes in containers… container gardening gives just about anyone the opportunity to get a taste of country living – even if they live in the penthouse of a skyscraper!
  • You’ll learn about growing tomatoes upside down… growing tomatoes upside down is fun. More importantly, it is also very productive. I have found that the plants grown upside down seem to have a better yield!
  • Discover different places and ways to grow tomatoes… from growing tomatoes in bags to growing tomatoes in hanging baskets… I cover it all!
  • Learn about planting tomatoes in containers and growing tomatoes in pots… we’ll look at some of the common denominations – you know, the things that ALL tomatoes need if they are to grow well!
  • I uncover tips for staking tomatoes… a tomato plant grows fast and wild. And it really gets BIG! If left wild, the plant soon sprawls out into a big messy heap. I give you the best staking methods!
  • I give you the techniques to fertilizing the tomato plants. Tomato plants are like little children – they are fussy if you don’t feed them the right way. Discover the secrets here!
  • We’ll explore companion planting: Is planting tomatoes next to potatoes OK?Good question… You’ll know for sure!
  • We’ll delve into mulching: Did you know that your tomato plant will grow on different kinds of surfaces? Find out for sure…!
  • You’ll learn plant growing secrets to spice up your kitchen ingredients with plump juicy tomatoes that will keep your family coming back for more!
  • Learn what you need to do to start your plant from a seed even though it’s easier to start your tomato plants from cuttings, or to get your tomato plants from a local store!
  • If you’ve always dreamed of growing buckets of tomatoes – no, I’m not talking about the quantity, but of growing tomato plants WITHIN buckets. We’ll unearth the best techniques here!
  • In fact, you can be a complete novice and even HATE GARDENING and still let this book guide you to rich robust plants!

What’s more…tomato growing handbook

Anyone can do this. Just follow my step-by-step guide. There’s nothing to think about. I give you everything you need and you can use as much or as little of the information as you feel comfortable with. Then, as your gardening confidence grows, you can implement more of the tips and techniques!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced gardener, or whether you’re completely new to gardening, people just like you have PROVEN this information works — provided you’re willing to follow the step-by-step instructions…

With the information in the “Tomato Growing Handbook” you will learn the secrets of growing large tomatoes. You will successfully:

  • grow tomatoes in buckets, pots, milk jugs, or just about anywhere
  • ensure healthy, glowing tomatoes
  • grow tomatoes organically
  • smell out potential problems and have their solutions…

…and you will learn to grow lush tomatoes in any wet patch of land.

…and MUCH more!

How Much Will it Cost to Learn How to Grow

Stout, Rich Tomatoes?

The easy to follow techniques and tips in this tutorial work outstandingly well… when you work with them. I can give you directions and show you the way to gardening success – but only YOU can make it work for your tomato growing efforts.

Now, if you’re getting excited about the idea of finally growing the lush, plump tomatoes you have always dreamed of, let me put your mind at ease right now…

Remember… if you were to buy all the gardening books, document my grandmothers knowledge and transcribe the information and tips gleaned from the 10 gardeners which the “Tomato Growing Handbook” was created from, you’d have a library of information by different authorities, that would cost you thousands of dollars.

In the “Tomato Growing Handbook,” you get the headline facts from all those books and resources, and they cost you – NOT thousands, not even hundreds, but only $27.97 once you download it today… on a totally risk free basis.

Don’t judge the tutorial by this price. The regular price will be much higher after this Introductory Offer is exhausted. The $27.97 price is ridiculous when compared with the techniques and the information and the growing success this great “Tomato Growing” book will bring to you. I firmly believe after you have read it, you would not be willing to part with this tutorial for ten times it’s small price.

I’ll Teach You Quickly & Easily the GOLDEN Secrets’

of Growing Perfect Tomatoes. Get All The Lush Tomatoes You’ve Ever Wanted. 100% Guaranteed.

Or I’ll Refund Your Money… No Questions Asked!

Here’s my guarantee it’s simple… Get the “Tomato Growing Handbook” go throw the entire resource. You’ll have an entire 60 days to make up your mind.

If you don’t see – success in using this powerful resource – for yourself. If you aren’t 100% satisfied -I don’t expect or want to keep your money.

Just send off a quick e-mail and say the word and you’ll instantly get a 100% complete, no hassles, no questions asked refund. You’ll get your money back right away. You’ll get your money back for giving it a try. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and a beautiful crop to gain.

That’s the most anyone could expect!

Now there is nothing holding you back. It’s time to finally find out the secrets that will allow you to have thriving tomato plants you’ve always wanted. Whether your growing tomatoes in bags, growing tomatoes in hanging baskets, growing tomatoes in containers, growing tomatoes upside down, growing tomatoes from seed, staking tomatoes, pruning tomatoes, watering tomatoes, planting tomatoes or wanting to learn how to fertilize tomatoes… instantly starting today.

Claim YOUR copy of the “Just Released”

Tomato Growing Handbook…

… In the next 3 minutes!

Yes, John! I want to learn how to grow plump rich tomatoes that most… will NEVER experience!

I can’t wait to get my hands on your step-by-step instructional ebook, tips, techniques, AND insight!

  • I understand that the “Tomato Growing Handbook” is downloaded online so I will have access to everything in the next 3 minutes! I realize that my order is 100% safe with PayPal and totally private!
  • I also understand there is no risk to ordering the Tomato Growing Handbook now because I have full 60 days where I can get my money back at ANY time for ANY reason!
  • To start using your copy of the Tomato Growing Handbook NOW… just choose the easy payment option below:
  • Click the “Add to Cart” Button below… to order online through our secure server to download the Tomato Growing Handbook immediately (Instant Access)!

Have your order in your hands before the clock strikes twelve, however, and you and your guests are going to be in for taste thrills that will have everyone at your table agreeing with my assessment—these are the best, juiciest, most flavorful tomatoes you have ever tasted. You’ll see! This experience is going to spoil you forever for all other tomatoes.

If you want to serve something truly extraordinary this growing season, and then let your family (and yourself!) enjoy the most heavenly tomatoes for many days to come, I urge you to place your order now.

Remember, too, in the great book of time there is but one word “Now” – so click the download button now while you think of it.

I urge you to do so now, before this opportunity slips away!

Yours for fabulous tomatoes,

John Parker

P.S. Take advantage of the low cost by clicking on the ‘Add To Cart’ button NOW!

P.P.S. If you don’t absolutely LOVE the information, for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny. It’s my way of saying, “thanks for giving the ebook a try”!

P.P.P.S. If you don’t claim a copy of the “Tomato Growing Handbook,” when WILL you start that tomato garden you’ve been talking about? OR — how WILL you nurture and grow the tomatoes of your existing garden?

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